Current Clients & Projects

Here’s a bit about what I’m working on now (scroll to the bottom for recent campaigns):

Avery Hill Publishing

The Great North Wood cover

I’m running publicity on Tim Bird’s beautiful The Great North Wood (click for press release) for Avery Hill Publishing.

Long ago the whole of Southern England was covered in forest. The magic that once filled the ancient forest can still be felt even when the trees are long gone. Stories are told of the bandits, outlaws and gypsies that once roamed the forest, and their presence can sometimes be sensed when the hum of the city is quiet.

Liminal 11

Liminal 11 Logo

As Marketing & Publicity Manager for indie MBS / comics publisher Liminal 11,
I’m overseeing all promotional activities for our launch.

Our first three projects are out in autumn 2018
(click the links below for title info):

Mike Medaglia’s The Luna Sol Tarot

LST Cover

Tillie Walden’s Mini Meditations on Creativity

MM Creativity COVER

Adam Murphy & Lisa Murphy’s Mini Meditations on Joy

MM Joy

September Publishing

September Publishing logo

I do a bit of everything for September Publishing, an indie non-fiction publisher telling unique stories with beautifully-made books. My roles include admin, operations, marketing, social media, PR, editorial and production.

I’m currently running publicity and marketing on several of September’s spring 2018 titles (click the links below for press releases):

A collection of David Ziggy Greene’s Scene & Heard columns, Times Like These


Conor Woodman’s The Scam Hunter


Christopher Nicholson’s Among the Summer Snows


Emma Claxton & Eve Parry’s The Confession Album


Recent Campaigns

After Man by Dougal Dixon (Breakdown Press)

What My Girlfriends Told Me by Sonja Bajic (September Publishing)

Josephine Spire‘s self-help books (Emerald Guides)

Explaining Autism by Dr Clare Lawrence (Emerald Guides)

The Crime Writer’s Casebook by Stuart Gibbon and Stephen Wade (Emerald Guides)

Editorial Clients

I’m always working on editorial projects as well. Past clients include
Focus FM, Ebury Press and individual authors.

Please contact me for more info.